Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Calling for change

So as many of you know, the Arab world is calling for change. It first started in Egypt, then it went to Bahrain, Tunisia, Yemen, Algeria, Iran, Libya, Jordan, and yes Morocco. Before you freak out, I am safe with no riot activity. And not planning on any riot activity or even being within a 100 miles from a riot. Anyways, the riots in Morocco are different than the others because the main problem that Morocco is facing right now is an economic problem. These riots are classified as peaceful protests. They don't want to over rule their government because they like their government; they just want more jobs. They inspire to have a government like England. There is a high unemployment rate in Morocco right now. According the the CIA World Factbook, Morocco's unemployment rate is at 9.8% as of last year and 15% of the population is below the poverty line as of 2007. So yeah, people want jobs and moneys. That's why the highest crime in Morocco is theft.
Again, don't worry, I am safe where I am at. Now if I was studying in any of the other countries, then I would be worried. If you looked in my Event tab, this weekend I was supposed to go to Casablanca and Rabat. It's getting postponed because there is a possibility of a strike on transportation. Moroccans are like the French with their strikes: planned and they always have them. So this weekend for me is free. I'm not sure what is going on but I will update as soon as I know.
Here is a picture of Meknes on my way to school:
This is a huge intersection in Morocco. 

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