Sunday, January 30, 2011

It's a Granada thing.

So update on my lovely blog:
Granada is beautiful! It's a small city but great to walk around because it seems like there is a surprise around every street corner whether it be a cupcake shop, a disco, or a wonderful shoe store (they have shoe stores everywhere!!! ah, I'm in heaven). The past two days were wonderful. Yesterday was full of Granada!! It was wonderful! We toured the huge Cathedral which was called The Royal Chapel (sounded better in Spanish of course). Fun (yet kind of disturbing) fact of yesterday: to unify Spain, Isabella and Ferdinand (King and Queen of 1400s) made a rule that you must speak Spanish and worship as the Catholic Church does and if you don't you had to leave. There were a lot of Jews and Arabs in Spain at that time and they were not allowed to speak Hebrew or Arabic at all. Well, that was my fun fact for yesterday. Hope you enjoyed that tidbit of Spain.
So if you have been photobucket stalking me you will notice that I have been branching out of my little bubble and trying new things . . . scary!! So if you noticed I tried beef! Crazy!!!! I also went to a Spanish night club. Typical night clubs in Spain open at midnight, people don't show up until 3 or 4 in the morning and it closes at 6. We went a little before one and no one was there. People started showing up around 2ish and that is when Tiff and I decided to leave. :( We still had a lot of fun and I salsa danced.
So that was my adventure yesterday. Today was wonderful. We went on a tour at the Alhambra at 9 this morning and let me tell you it was *amazing*. If you get the chance tour the Alhambra! Amazing, amazing, amazing. I didn't take any pictures because sadly my camera's battery died :( but I will be stealing pictures from people and posting it on photobucket once I have the chance. For those who don't know what the Alhambra is I will tell you. The Alhambra was built for the Sultans in Spain. It was built on the hill overlooking Granada which made it a picture perfect place, but my camera died . . . I'm a little bitter about that.
Here is a picture that I stole off from Wiki for you:

Beautiful! My future home. I wish! 
After gazing at the wonders of breathtaking architecture a group of us headed to a real Spanish restaurant. Well, it felt like it because we were the only Americans there. Spaniards' biggest meal of the day is lunch time so they take it very seriously. We spent 3 hours eating lunch there! For 10 euros I got bread, glass of wine (more like a bottle), soup, a huge chicken with french fries, and dessert! My tummy was very happy after that, obviously!
It's amazing here! For dinner, Spaniards drink and eat tapas (tapas are appetizers) and the tapas are free!- It's a Granada thing. Every night so far we have been going to the bar, ordering a glass of wine and eating tapas. I feel like a lush because I've been drinking so much wine lately but it's so good, I can't stop!! hehe, I don't want to stop.

Yup, that's me drinking wine and eating a beef tapa. fyi, only nibbled on it.

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  1. YUM!!!! I would LOVE to eat and drink my way around the world - AWESOME!