Friday, March 11, 2011

Hogwarts in Morocco ;-)

As you know (it's in my event tab) this weekend I am going to Casablanca and Rabat with ISA so you probably won't get an update until I come back either on Monday or Tuesday (it might be really long so be prepared to read). To occupy your time I would like to entertain you with a little story that I wrote. If you like Harry Potter, you are going to like this!: (Harry Potter in Morocco)

We each received a letter through e-mail letting us know that we were the proudly selected to attend Hogwarts: Moulay Ismail in Morocco. Each student took their separate ways to arrive to Platform 9 3/4 in Granada, Spain. Once there, we crossed the sea and was picked up by the snazy ISA bus. Our headmaster, Daniel, explained some house rules: do not go into the forbidden forest (aka pretty much all of North Africa and Middle East), make sure to be in class everyday, and don't be late. He told us "The Sorting is a very important ceremony because, while you are here, your House will be something like your family within Hogwarts. You will have classes with the rest of your House, sleep in your House dormitory, and spend free time in your House common room." On the bus before the big dinner, we each put on the Sorting hat and got separated into four different houses. The ladies in Apt 21 floor 7 each values hard work, tolerance, and loyatly which placed them in Hufflepuff. The other ladies in Apt 3 floor 2 values creativity, learning and intelligence which placed all five of them in Ravenclaw (Tova is the sixth that already got sorted a semester before). All the boys demonstrated courage, bravery, and loyalty which placed them in Gryffindor. Slytherin was given to the girls in Apt 5 floor 3 because they value cunning, leadership, and most of all, pure wizard blood (I'm in this house). The two very lucky ladies in the homestay are actually visiting students from Beauxbatons. Madame Maxine thought it would be a great learning experience for her two (favorite) most gifted pupils to live in other parts of the world (and it just so happens that tajine and mint tea happens to be her favorite treats).

Before leaving to our dormitories, our headmaster told us that he hopes everyone receives an "O" for outstanding and then he recited a riddle in a strange language that wasn't in French and Arabic; later we figured out it was darija. We each were welcomed by the wonderful dinner that our house-elves prepared for us and had a great night sleep before starting our studies.

I hope you enjoyed that :). I might be updating more "Hogwarts in Morocco" later on in the trip so look out for them.

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