Saturday, April 9, 2011

The end to a good spring break

I am now home in Meknes (it's weird to say "home" and mean my apartment in Morocco). Let me fill you in how the rest of my spring break went. Wednesday was spent in Agadir meeting Sarah and getting henna, Thursday was spent in Essaouira relaxing and exploring and Friday was spent relaxing around the apartment and then traveling to Marrakesh.
So to start, on Wednesday Ali (couchsurfer) and Jamie (his girlfriend, also a couchsurfer) took me, Anthony and Jennifer into Agadir. I would describe Agadir as a very touristy area. Most Europeans go there to relax and spend their holiday. There really isn't much to do in the city except go to the beach and that is one thing that I didn't do. There Jamie and I met with my friend Sarah. She's actually my boss's friend from Celebration Cinema. She's in the peacecorp in Morocco, just outside of Marrakesh but she was volunteering at a kids camp this week with the peacecorp which is why it was possible for me to meet up with her. After talking and eating lunch with her, me and Jamie went off to get henna. We went to meet her friend who didn't know English or French so it was a charades the whole time. Here is a picture of my henna:

This took a while because I got both sides of my hands covered in henna! After henna, I went to the bus station and bought my ticket for Essaouira the next day. Personally, I didn't find that city interesting at all besides Sarah and my henna.

I liked Thursday the best. I would say Essaouira is one of my favorite cities so far! There really isn't much to do in that town but just to relax and explore and I did exactly that. Some people went to the beach and others went to a hammam. I went by myself and explored the medina and the town. It was so lovely. Essaouira is big on fishing so there are blue fishings boats all over the pier. I was able to go up in some of the fortresses and just watch the ocean. It was really relaxing.
We took the bus back and finally (our bus driver was a crazy driver!) made it safely to our apartment. Friday was spent relaxing around the apartment. I got my hair trimmed and layered by Jamie and then headed out to Marrakesh. It was Hannah's birthday on Friday so we went to Marrakesh hoping to go to some clubs. Hannah got stomach pains so we went to a hostel and chilled until our 5:00 in the morning train to Meknes.
And that is where my spring break ends. Tonight, I'm heading over to Hannah's house to celebrate her birthday and then sleeping well tonight in my own bed - finally! :)

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