Sunday, April 17, 2011

Plans, plans, plans

Hello world!
I would like to give you an update on my future plans. Our (Matt's and my) first initial plan was to go to Kenya on a safari then head to England, Ireland and then back to Morocco (for the bellydance workshop!!!). Looking at mine and Matt's finances about fifty billion times every which way possible, we have decided to drop Kenya and go to Italy instead. With plane tickets, vaccinations, and malaria pills to Kenya, we wouldn't have enough money to enjoy England and Ireland. Oh, and trying to get information on the yellow fever vaccination was a pain in the butt! The website was down for like two weeks, the phone numbers that I got from the embassy didn't work or no one answered (tried for like five days straight), and when I finally got a hold of someone, it was difficult communicating in only French (my French class didn't prepare me with yellow fever and malaria pills vocab) so yes...pain in the butt. Since we are dropping Kenya, we promised to save a little every month and go within the next five years.

This morning, I woke Matt up at 4:00 his time, 9:00 my time (we skype every morning and e-mail each other regularly...oh how cute) thinking it would be another "Good morning. How was your day? K time to eat breakfast. Love you. Bye" sort of conversation but two hours later we booked all our flights around Europe! Exciting!! So in the order of country, we will be flying out of Morocco going to England and then whenever we feel like it head over to Ireland and then we will be flying to Rome and then back to Morocco. I will update it in the "Events" section of my blog - make sure to check it out!

Keep checking up on my blog. I will be writing more and more about the culture but for now, bslama.


  1. I am SOOOO excited!! The trip of a lifetime with the love of a lifetime! There is no one I would rather enjoy this adventure with! I love you!

  2. Ireland is SO beautiful!! I'm crazy jealous!! I'm happy to see that you are enjoying yourself so much!! :)